Beyblade Samurai Cyclone Battle Set


Get ready for more metal, more mayhem, and more heart-pounding Beyblade action with the Samurai Cyclone Battle Set. Includes everything you need to battle out of the box. Capture your favorite moments from the popular Shogun Steel animated series with 2 five-piece Shogun Steel tops with Synchrome Technology, two Shogun Ripcord Launchers, and the Cyclone Beystadium, a unique Beyblade arena designed to rock and spin your battle to an extreme new level.

The Samurai Cyclone Battle Set includes the exclusive Cyclone Beystadium, an advanced Beyblade arena that rocks and spins as your Shogun Steel tops clash in frenzied combat. Load the included Samurai Ifrit W145CF and Ninja Salamander SW145SD Beybattle tops into their launchers; then position them over the stadium and Let It Rip! The Cyclone Beystadium creates a unique, dynamic battleground packed with heart-pounding action and metal-mashing impacts. Outlast your opponent in a grueling grudge match or send him careening into a penalty box to claim a well-earned victory. Are you ready to test your skills in the Beystadium that rocks your battle to the core?

Each Beybattle top includes 5 components that can be mixed and matched to build entirely new creations. Shogun Steel tops include all-new Synchrome Technology that lets you take customization to an extreme new level. Combine metal Warrior Wheels from the included Samurai Ifrit and Ninja Salamander tops to create a hybrid Ifrit-Salamander top with twice the heavy-metal power. Experiment with different combinations to change how your tops battle; the more tops you collect, the more combinations you can unlock! (2 tops included; others sold separately.)

The Samurai Cyclone Battle Set includes everything you need to battle right out of the box. With the Cyclone Beystadium, 2 Shogun Steel Beybattle tops with Synchrome Technology, and 2 Shogun Ripcord Launchers, you're ready to Let It Rip! In-pack codes unlock Beyblade tops and other cool components on Beyblade website. Create your own custom combinations and save them in your virtual Beylocker, then take your creations into online battles against other Beybladers.

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